All pupils must wear the school uniform on all school days and at every school function. Students must also be in complete uniform when they represent the school outside. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in this matter, seeing that their wards come to school neat and tidy and wearing uniforms that are fresh and clean, made strictly according to the school pattern. A child who is improperly dressed will not be allowed to attend classes

Please ensure that the uniforms of your ward/wards are correct with respect to design, quality and colour of the material. This, you will appreciate, is necessary to ensure uniformity among students and to give them a smart and neat appearance. You are therefore, also requested not to send them to school in either short, tight or oversized clothes. Low waist trousers and skirts are not allowed.

Note:   All girls should wear light sky blue ribbons/hair band (one inch broad). All boys must have their hair cut short and in any case not covering the eyes, ears and neck. The school forbids the use of jewellery and makeup. Nylon shorts are not permitted. All girls may wear grey trousers instead of skirts and tunics.

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