Recommendation to Parents

  1. That children attend school regularly as the required attendance is very important for promotions and also to be eligible for appearing in the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE-X) and the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC-XII).
  2. That children bring their diaries, note-books etc., to school. These should be properly maintained. No tiffins, craft items etc. will be taken by the office during school hours.
  3. That children do their home work regularly.
  4. That children do not bring expensive articles, jewellery, money, mobile phones or any electronic items etc., to school. If any of these items are found they will be confiscated.
  5. That children suffering from infectious diseases are kept at home for the required quarantine period.
  6. That students are vaccinated and innoculated against infectious diseases.
  7. That children are not sent to school if they are sick and that they do not bring medicines/drugs to medicate themselves.
  8. That children do not give any gifts in cash or kind to any teacher or employee of the school or even exchange gifts amongst themselves.
  9. That children do not drive mopeds, scooters, etc. The only mode of conveyance permitted for student is a bicycle. Please encourage your ward /wards to be conscious of environmental pollution (air, noise, water), traffic hazards and to save precious oil.
  10. That children do not bring money to school or encourage the collection of vendors outside the school gates by patronizing them.
    1. Parents and guardians should visit, the class teachers and subject teachers on the second Saturday of every month to discuss matters of interest. All students must be in uniform. The parents must bring the books and diaries of their children to make the discussions meaningful.

      Timing :

      9.00 am
      11.00 am
      10.00 am
      12.00 am
      Parents are requested to attend these meetings to discuss matters of common interest.
    2. Parents are requested not to enter into private tuition arrangement with any teacher of the school. Private tuitions are neither advised nor recommended.
    3. Teachers of the school will not meet or discuss the performance of a child with private tutors.
    1. Parents must impress upon their children that they should not at any time, under any circumstances leave the school grounds without the Principal’s written permission during school hours or after school with any one but the person entrusted with the responsibility of taking him/her home. If a stranger forces or tempts a child to accompany him/her, the child should refuse and inform the school staff/teacher/Principal immediately. If the child fails to comply and runs away or leaves, the school can not be held responsible.
    2. Parents must collect their children within ten minutes of the school giving over. Very often children are left in the school, long after school hours. If by any chance the parent or authorized person fails to turn up to pick up a child after school, the child should report to the Principal’s office immediately and phone home for assistance but should in no circumstances leave the school, even with friends or acquaintances.
    3. A child should be encouraged to report at home any unusual incident which may have occurred in the school with him/her. The parents in turn must inform the school immediately. Inspite of the normal precautions taken by the school, if any mishap, accident or injury takes place during the period of your ward’s stay in the school or if and when he joins a tour, excursion or camp, the institution or any member of the staff can not wholly or partially be held responsible for it.
    4. For the safety of the students, no motorized vehicle will be allowed inside the school during school hours and before and after school. Parents must park their vehicles outside the gate.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter a class room to speak to a teacher while a class is in progress. This disturbs the class and often upsets the children.
  • Normally parents will not be allowed to take their children home during school hours. Parents will save embarrassment to the principal and disappointment to themselves by not asking for exceptions to this rule. However, in case of any emergency a written application must be sent by the parent/guardian.
  • Parents must sign the remarks and reports from teachers made in the exercise books and school diary.
  • Parents must inform the school in case there is a change of residence and telephone number.
  • Certificates, for example date of birth certificate, character certificate can be provided by the school office if an application is made to this effect at least three days in advance.
  • For the good of the school and students parents are requested to give written complaints to the principal and not just orally.

  • Medical Matters.

    1. Children suffering from any form of infectious or contagious disease or having been in contact with such, can not be admitted or re-admitted to the school, unless it is certified, in writing, by a competent medical officer that the prescribed period of quarantine has been completed.
    2. Children must have their teeth and eyes examined and attended to before joining the school, defects in either may cause serious detriment to health and will certainly hinder work. The right is reserved, if such is not done at home, to have whatever is required done at school and charged to the parents’ account.
    3. No child will be allowed to take any medicine in the school. The school has no way of knowing whether the medicines/drugs being taken have been prescribed by a Physician and being taken with the knowledge of the parents or whether some of these students have got into the habit of self-medication. Keeping in mind the welfare and interest of all concerned, parents are requested not to send sick children to school. If the illness is of such a nature, e.g., spondilitus/ asthma/arthritis, that the child can attend classes, parents are requested to kindly inform the Principal and the class teacher, in writing, whenever their child/ward needs to take some medicines in the school and the name of the medicines. If a student is found taking medicine in the school, without the written permission of his/her parents, the school will take a serious view of the case.
    4. A medical card may be obtained from the office, by the parents, for the period the child is to be exempted from outdoor activities or physical exertion. This card must be worn to school every day.

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