Rules & Regulation

  • to observe the school rules carefully and strictly. To be courteous and obedient not only in the school but also outside. Any reported, objectionable conduct either inside or outside the school, on the part of the pupils make them liable for disciplinary action. Repeated misconduct, cheating in examinations, irregular attendance, lack of interest, prolonged or intermittent illness, insubordination, behaviour detrimental to the discipline and moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons singly or together to expel a student, even without any notice or warning.
  • to take part in all school activities and attend all school functions.
  • to attend the school assembly.
  • to speak in English during school hours.
  • to respect other people’s beliefs and ways.
  • to complete assignments, home work etc. on time. Children who repeatedly leave their books at home and children who do not complete their home work will be fined, kept back after school or sent home.
  • to contribute in cash or kind for a worthy cause. Pupils should consider it a privilege to be of service to anyone in need. However, no collection for any purpose, what so ever, is to be made without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • to look after school property and keep the school clean. Damage to school property will be charged to the pupils concerned. Fines may also be imposed for irregularity, indiscipline or infringement of the school rules. Children are also expected to look after their own things.
  • to go home as soon as the school gives over, not loiter around, avoid interacting with strangers and never accept anything from a stranger.
  • not to leave the school grounds during school hours unless they are permitted, in writing, by the Principal.
  • to be regular and punctual. Late corners will be sent home. The school accepts no responsibility if a child is obliged to return home for non-compliance of any of the school rules.
  • to be honest and truthful, friendly and well behaved, to accept whatever work and responsibility is given with cheerfulness and to face difficulties with courage and determination.

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